Long Distance Moving

The moving industry is a competitive one. There are a lot of moving companies in Williamson County that offer similar service to ours, but what ultimately elevates us is the high quality of our service. Some companies lie about what they can offer and purposely hide costs, so they can later exploit their clients. Affordable Movers Round Rock despises such tactics as we value honesty and transparency. We have built our company together with our clients, read their feedback and reviews so we can improve in some areas of our business. We love to say that our clients are Affordable Movers Round Rock ambassadors, their reviews, testimonials, and satisfaction show the quality of our services.

What makes us different?

It is hard to build a brand in the moving industry, but if we had to say what helped us achieve this success, then we will list these four things:

Professional service - Finding a professional moving company is hard. A lot of companies that you see advertising professional moving services are misleading you. The majority of people think that you need a truck and a few workers to make a moving company, but they are wrong. A professional moving company like Affordable Movers Round Rock hires only trained workers that have extensive knowledge in moving services. They know all methods for packaging and wrapping, they know how to secure your items so they are not damaged in transportation, they are effective and hardworking, among other things.

Fair price policy - Affordable Movers Round Rock offers the best prices for moving services. Not only that, we also don’t have any hidden costs. If we agree upon one price, that price will stay the same until the job is finished. Also, if your belongings get damaged during the moving process, we will fully compensate the damage. This is an unlikely scenario, but if it does happen, you will be fully compensated without any delays and shady business.

A wide range of services - Our wide set of services certainly helped us rise to the top. Not many companies can say that they offer full-service moving. This includes everything from packaging and loading services to transportation and assembly services. Affordable Movers Round Rock staff is trained and experienced in all sorts of jobs, so you won’t have to hire another company for any other task.

Advanced equipment and tools - In all these years in the moving industry, we have seen a lot of advancements in both packaging and transportation services. Affordable Movers Round Rock always tries to follow the latest trends in moving tools and supplies so we can offer the best possible service to our clients. If there are new packaging boxes and crates, we will acquire them; if there are new wrapping materials, we will get them; and if there are new methods that make us more efficient, we will learn them.

Professional staff

Our workers are some of the best in the industry. Affordable Movers Round Rock hires only professional movers that have plenty of experience and knowledge in all moving services. Additionally, we send our workers on regular training so they can improve their skills and stay as efficient as possible. Our company would be nothing if we didn’t have such a friendly and hardworking staff. They will be always there for you to share advice, answer questions, and help out with anything. What define our workers are these four traits:

Polite - We want to create a friendly working environment and the best way to do so is with polite and open staff. We heard some of the experiences our clients had with other moving companies, and trust us, they weren’t pleasant. Our workers will be there for you; if you have any question, ask them, or if something doesn’t seem right, please point it out. We will carefully explain, at detail to you every step of our moving process, so all doubts are removed.

Hardworking - Affordable Movers Round Rock workers will go out of their way to accomplish all tasks in time. If we said that the moving process will be done over the weekend, then our team will work around the clock to meet that deadline. You will never see someone from our team lying around, killing time. To this day, we haven’t received a single complaint about our workers.

Honest - We as a company try to be as honest as possible with our clients. Honesty and transparency are very important in moving business; after all, we are working with other people’s belongings and items. Some of them are priceless to our clients, so we will agree on the price before the work begins and it won’t change under any circumstances. There will be no hidden or additional costs, all your items will be carefully written down and cataloged so nothing gets lost.

Well-trained - Everyone who is part of a Affordable Movers Round Rock team is carefully selected and trained to handle any moving job possible. We don’t want to leave our clients unsatisfied with our services, so our workers will constantly learn new skills and improve old ones just so they can offer the absolute best moving service.